Setting up WMS Service

Create new connection:

MetroMap WMS URL: Please Contact Aerometrex for the URL

A list of available layers will appear.

Setting up Coordinate Reference System. Select WGS 84 / Pseudo Mercator  EPSG: 3857

After selecting the correct coordinate reference system, close the "Add layer" window. Selected raster will be open in the map window.

An export of a geo-referenced image can be created by zooming to the area of interest. 

Low resolution overview export:

Using this method you can achieve a quick geo-referenced screenshot image with low resolution.

Make sure Coordinate Reference System matches the raster CRS.

From the Project menu choose Save As Image and choose Tiff

To load the Geo-referenced Tiff file:

Exporting High Resolution Imagery

In this method image resolution could be set up and based on the resolution and extent of the aerial image, export could take a while depending on area and resolution requested.

Re-projecting the image

The above method saves the image in its native google projection. To re-project follow the steps as shown in the screen grabs below:

Using the above method save an image of your area of interest in the native projection.